Your Region, Your Voice, Your Health Care Plan

June 2015

Dear Fellow Northerners, 

Summer is finally here! For many of us, it’s a time to relax and unwind – enjoy our fabulous rivers and lakes and for me, it’s about spending time with family and friends at camp on the French River. There’s something to be said about those wonderful lazy days of summer especially when I know it will be a busy Fall!

Every three years, our LHIN prepares a new strategic plan which outlines priorities to improve our health care system.  Our strategic plan for 2016-2019 will reflect the voice of Northerners through survey responses, engagements, emails, community events, and more.
  • Can you easily access the health care you need? What are the challenges?
  • What would make your experience or your friends’ and family’s experience with the health care system even better?
  • What types of services do you or your friends and family need and are they available in your area?
  • Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to improve the health of people living in the North East?
  • What should the NE LHIN focus on most to make a difference in your health care?

There are several ways you can respond:

  • Respond to my blog
  • Request a NE LHIN engagement session – send us an email, call us, visit our website
  • Send an email at, call us at 1-866-906-5446, send us a tweet, comment on our Facebook page, or invite us to your next event.
Last week, I spoke with our Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care Committee and listened in on their ideas for a stronger system of care here in Northeastern Ontario. 

As CEO of the NE LHIN, I welcome and value your advice and ideas as we work together to improve access to care and strengthen the coordination of services so people can live in community.


Comments / Commentaires

"Thank you Louise once again, it’s great to see the NE LHIN asking people what they think about health care priorities for Northeastern Ontario. Northerners need better access to programs and services and providers need to work more closely together to provide a better experience for the patient and decrease duplication of services." - Michelle

"Merci de l’occasion de partager mes pensées – les résidents du Nord-Est de l’Ontario attendent trop longtemps avant de recevoir les soins dont ils ont besoin dans la langue de leur choix. De plus, il faut offrir plus de services de soins à domicile et en milieu communautaire, et améliorer l’accès à ces services." - Jean