Mission, Vision and Values

The North East LHIN is focused on your health, your access to care, and your local health services. We’re making your health system more patient-focused in Northeastern Ontario.

In a public and accountable way, we’re helping both patients and health care providers improve local access to health care. The North East LHIN has reduced wait times, reduced ALC congestion, improved the lives of seniors by meeting their health care needs in community and is building a more coordinated local health care system.

As part of a 14-member health network established by the Ontario government, the North East LHIN makes local decisions about regional health care planning and funding. We have a board of fellow Northerners that works to improve local health care.


To strengthen the coordination of health care services and improve access.

Nokii twindwaa bemaadsijig weweni nyaagdowendaagog.
Enkiichigaadeg waazhi maajiishkaang maamwizwin eni zhischigaadeg wii minoyaang naadmaadwin.
Giiwednowaabnong nikeya dinokiiwning ni zhischigaadeg wii minwaabminaagog endnokiishnang.


Quality health care when you need it.

Ezhi gshkitoong go waani zhi mino yang naadgo wendming pii ndo wendaagog.


  • People-Centered: We commit that people come first in our decision making.
  • Listen: We engage and ensure Northerners are heard in the development of a better health care system.
  • Cultural Diversity: We recognize our region’s cultural diversity and will include the health care needs of Aboriginal and Francophone people in our decision making. 
  • Integrity: We are accountable for our actions.
  • Proactive: We collaborate on innovative approaches for a stronger Northern system of care.
  • Equitable: We work to enhance access to health care services for all Northerners.
  • Transparent: We uphold efforts to openly inform and support the health care needs of Northerners.