Mission, Vision and Values

The North East LHIN is focused on your health, your access to care, and your local health services. We’re making your health system more patient-focused in Northeastern Ontario.

In a public and accountable way, we’re helping both patients and health care providers improve local access to health care. The North East LHIN has reduced wait times, reduced ALC congestion, improved the lives of seniors by meeting their health care needs in community and is building a more coordinated local health care system.

As part of a 14-member health network established by the Ontario government, the North East LHIN makes local decisions about regional health care planning and funding. We have a board of fellow Northerners that works to improve local health care.


Integrating locally-tailored, high-quality, timely care for Northerners.

Maa’mawanokaade giiwedinok gaa’dazhiikewaaj
weweni ji’wiidookawindwaa


Healthy, well cared-for Northerners.

Giiwedinok gaa’dazhiikewaaj minoyaawak


  • People: People are what really matter. Our health care system is people caring for people. We include patients, families, caregivers, health service providers, community partners and employees in our decision-making. We value and respect their input.
  • Trust: We recognize that trust built on relationships of integrity and respect are foundational in caring for people and connecting the health care system for everyone. 
  • Caring: We believe that health care is about caring for people with a human touch.  We support and empower patients and their families in collaborating with providers and taking ownership of their personal care plan. We believe a care plan must respect an individual’s cultural and linguistic needs and honour their heritage. 
  • Collaborative: We unite under a common vision and purpose that enables us to maximize each other’s contributions to a system of care that is focused on improving the health of our population, including Francophone and Indigenous people. 
  • Responsible: We hold ourselves accountable to make transparent decisions based on health equity, best practices, and patient safety that contribute to a high quality, integrated, safe and fiscally responsible health care system. 
  • Innovative: We believe in building a safe environment to embrace opportunities to improve patient care and connect all parts of the local health care system in creative and meaningful ways.