Ongoing Engagements

Throughout the year, the NE LHIN will hold ongoing engagements with both fellow Northerners and health service providers which include, but are not limited to:
  • Open meetings of the NE LHIN Board of Directors.
  • Health Professional Advisory Committee meetings – members represent a wide range of professionals across the health care sector in Northeastern Ontario.
  • NE LHIN Local Aboriginal Health Committee meetings to share information and receive advice and recommendations on improving access to care.
  • Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario to support Francophone engagements.
  • Regional HUBs Group – CEOs and Board Chairs of four large hospitals and the NE CCAC.
  • Bi-monthly meetings with 21 community hospitals.
  • Bi-monthly engagement meetings with the region’s 41 long-term care homes.
  • Regular meetings with six Community Health Centres.
  • Regular meetings with the NE LHIN eHealth Advisory Council.
  • Regular communication with MPPs and one-on-one meetings as needed (NE LHIN has nine MPPs).
  • Regular meetings with health service providers to discuss opportunities for collaboration.
  • Regular meetings with North East Hospice Palliative Care Network.
  • North East Behavioural Supports Working Group meetings. 
  • North East Regional Community Support Services (CSS) Network meetings.
  • Diabetes Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Regional Primary Care Council meetings.
  • Regional Long Term Care Network meetings.
  • Meetings with the Regional Steering Committee for Stay on Your Feet.
  • Regular meetings of the Regional Mental Health and Addiction Consultation Group.
  • Quarterly meetings of the North East Emergency Department Network and its small hospitals and Pay for Results sub groups.
  • Meetings of the North East ED/ALC Leadership Committee.
  • Family Health Team meetings.

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