Contact Us

  • Telephone: 705-840-2872
  • Patient information: 310-2222
  • Toll free: 1-866-906-5446
  • Home and Community Care Fax Number: 705-474-0080 (for patient related information)
  • Head Office Fax Number: 705-840-0142 (for non-patient related information)

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Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Kate Fyfe Interim Chief Executive Officer
ext. 982
Carole Berthiaume

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Board Liaison
ext. 116


Dr. Paul Preston
Vice-President, Clinical
ext. 125
Isabelle Furrow
Executive Assistant 
ext. 340

Strategy and System Planning

Terry Tilleczek
Vice-President, Strategy and System Planning
ext. 262
Christine Rivard
Project Coordinator
ext. 184

Home and Community Care

Richard C. Joly
Vice-President, Home and Community Care
ext. 4518
Patty Tecter
Executive Assistant
ext. 4487

Performance and Accountability

Barry Lajeunesse
Acting Vice-President, Performance and Accountability
ext. 261
Crystal Labelle
Project Coordinator
ext. 602

Human Resources, Finance and Corporate Services

Cathy Bailey
Vice-President, Human Resources, Finance and Corporate Services
ext. 4543
Tammy Kapanen
Executive Assistant
ext. 4658

Enabling Technologies

Tamara Shewciw
Chief Information Officer
ext. 136
Seamus Jenkin
Project Coordinator
ext. 169

Communications and Patient Experience

Cynthia Stables
Director, Communications and Patient Experience
ext. 154
Katerine Moyer
Project Coordinator 
ext. 221