One Person. One Record. One System Initiative.


The “ONE” initiative (a.k.a. One Person. One Record. One System) is about improving quality of care and improving the ease of delivering that care. 

To support these objectives, we are using a North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) Health Information System (HIS) Roadmap with three strategies:
  1. The installation of Meditech 6.1x North East master site that will serve as the regional EMR for all 24 acute hospitals.
  2. Create a new business entity (NewCo) to deliver IT services in the LHIN, by exploring the best models, and drawing on the expertise found in the IT departments of Northeastern hospitals. 
  3. Establishing a regional Governance Group that include hospitals and other system partners to set digital priorities for the region.

All 24 acute-care hospital Boards have committed to work together to achieve this goal.

Part of this project aims to have our Northeastern clinicians work together to determine best practices for looking after patients through clinical processes and documentation which will be standardized for use across our LHIN region where and when it makes sense. 

CEOs from Englehart and District Hospital, Kirkland and District Hospital, Health Sciences North (COO), Manitoulin Health Centre, North Bay Regional Health Centre, Sault Area Hospital, Temiskaming Hospital, Timmins and District Hospital, and West Parry Sound Health Centre, have formed an Executive Steering Committee to guide this work.

Benefits for Patients

  • Quality care: A single Northeastern hospital information system for data collection and management is key to achieving efficiencies and improvements in patient care and safety by linking medical and regulated health care professionals. This single system will also facilitate a platform for further participation across providers, as well as population health planning.
  • Equitable care for all: Investment in a common hospital information system improves care for ALL patients – as it is the one tool that touches all patients as they receive hospital care across the region.
  • One record per person: Patients transferred from one hospital to another won’t have to undergo duplicate tests or tell their “story” over and over. Their record will be complete and understood by all through technology that’s aligned with that being used by the rest of the province.
  • Clinical transformation: A key opportunity for care standardization of best practices to enhance patient safety and outcomes, and to reduce harm. 

Work has begun on EMR and Clinical Standardization

Currently, while many hospitals in the North East can share electronic medical records (EMRs), the way they record and file information varies at this time. This project will enable standardization of best practices. Over two days in late January, work began in Sault Ste. Marie to establish EMR and clinical standards – everything from pain management descriptions to how dates will be recorded – that will be shared with all hospitals in the region. About 40 staff from nine hospitals participated including Health Sciences North, North Bay Regional Health Centre, Timmins and District Hospital, Sault Area Hospital, West Parry Sound Health Centre, Temiskaming Hospital, Englehart and District Hospital, Kirkland and District Hospital and Manitoulin Health Centre.
Participants heard from Dr. Jeremy Theal who has been recognized by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr. Eric Hoskins, for improving patient care at North York General Hospital (NYGH) and improving the quality and safety of patient care across the province. Dr. Theal is NYGH's Chief Medical Information Officer and a Gastroenterologist.
Three early adopter hospitals, Sault Area and West Parry Sound, North Bay are starting to map out the work involved in implementing an advanced electronic system as part of the HIS Roadmap.

Dr. Jeremy Theal

Alison MacDonald


Linna Yang

Wendy Odell

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this benefit patients?
NE LHIN engagements clearly show that Northerners want access to one electronic medical record. This One Person. One Record. One System initiative has the power to provide equitable, standardized clinical documentation for all patients in the North East. Of all the tools found in a hospital, the EMR is the one that touches all patients. Patients who are transferred from one hospital to another won’t have to undergo duplicate tests and can avoid repeating their “story” as they transfer to another facility’s care. Their record will be complete and understood by all.

How will you be involved in transforming care through creating clinical standards?
We will be reaching out in the near future to get your input on the standards and also to keep you up to date. Watch for future communiqués.

When will the NewCo be formed?
Work to create a new business entity for information management is still in its infancy. Reviewing the option of establishing the NewCo is one point along the Project Roadmap endorsed by all the hospitals. 

How much will this project cost and what about timelines?
Multiple funding sources will be leveraged for this project which range from local, provincial, to private foundations. Getting everyone on the same page has been the focus of our work over the past year, and once this is complete, that work effort will confirm the financial impact of this project, as well as anticipated timelines. We’re just at the start of this huge undertaking. We’ll keep you updated as the work progresses and let you know ways to get involved.