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Physician Office Integration (POI) Project

What is POI? 

The Physician Office Integration (POI) project has put in place the infrastructure required to send text based patient reports/ results to physicians electronically via their electronic medical record (EMR) system. 

Almost all hospitals in the North East are collectively sending their data through one central channel to any primary care provider's (PCP's) office that is set up to receive the electronic medical records for the Physician Office Integration project.

Some of the many highlights of this project are enhanced patient privacy, robust medical record security, regional integration and a shorter timeframe for the PCP's office to receive your medical records.

What does POI mean for me?

For patients

This means that when a patient goes to the hospital to get a test or a procedure done, he/ she can have his/ her medical reports automatically sent to the PCP's office regardless of the geographical distance between the PCP's office and the hospital location. As long as the physician’s office has an Electronic Medical Records system, once set up they are able to receive the hospital reports in a short timeframe. Since the transfer of information is electronic, readability issues such as bad fax prints or illegible handwriting are completely eliminated.

This project also eliminates the potential for any accidental breach of privacy that may occur due to papers being misplaced or records being accidently faxed to the wrong location.

For physicians and nurse practitioners

This will eliminate the paper or fax copies of medical reports being sent to their practices which in turn will cut down on paper costs and eliminate the need for document storage. With the recent Electronic Medical Records adopter funding from OntarioMD (see the links section on this page for more info on this), more and more physicians are choosing to adopt electronic medical records software to effectively manage and organize patient information.

The Physician Office Integration project takes the EMR software one step further by providing the PCP's with the unique option of receiving their patient’s hospital medical records directly into the EMR system.

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