Active Offer of French Language Services

The OPS Framework for Action: A Modern Ontario Public Service, released in 2006, speaks of an “active offer” as follows:

“The OPS is effective in fulfilling its responsibilities under the FLS Act when Francophone members of the public are informed about available services in French, have access to these services and are satisfied with the quality of these services.”

An active offer of FLS is provided in the context of planned activities that are:

  • Results-oriented
  • Integrated into a Ministry’s overall service delivery model
  • Proactive
  • The result of a dialogue with the population served and ultimately reflective of  their needs
  • In place for the life-cycle of the service, activity or initiative.

An active offer of FLS is just that - it is offered by the agency staff; the onus is not on the member of the public to request services in French.

(Source: Practical Guide for the Active Offer of French-language Services in the Ontario Government, Office of Francophone Affairs, April 2008)

As stated by the French Language Services Commissioner – François Boileau – in his Special Report on French Language Health Services Planning in Ontario, 2009:

“It has been shown, time and time again, that active offer has a considerable impact on the demand for services. The more actively a service is offered, the more demand there is for it. This is as true for health as for any other sector.”