How to Plan for Services in French

Planning for an effective offer of French language services requires information and tools to be able to develop and provide services in French. In this section you will find information and tools on Written Communication, Research on the Health Needs of Francophones, Francophone Lens, Implementation of French Language Services, Identification of Francophones and Human Resources.

  Written Communication

Written communication in French is an important tool to ensure health information is available in French.
  Research on the Health Needs of Francophones 

Articles and research on the health needs of the Francophone population.

  Francophone Lens 

Applying a Francophone Lens for planning and implementation of services in French.

  Implementation of French Language Services 

Implementing French Language Services requires planning tools to efficiently offer services in French.

  Identification of Francophones 

The identification of Francophones allows for better planning for the delivery of French Language Services.

  Human Resources 

Recruitment of French-speaking human resources for improving access to French Language Services.