North East LHIN HAPS / H-SAA

Ontario's LHINs are required under the Local Health Services Integration Act, 2006, to negotiate service accountability agreements with the health service providers they fund. Responsibility for negotiating accountability agreements with local hospitals was transferred from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) to the NE LHIN in April 2007.

The Hospital Annual Planning Submission (HAPS) Guidelines state to all 14 LHINs that they and the hospitals within their LHIN must work together to achieve balanced budgets.

Hospitals who were not able to submit a balanced HAPS to the NE LHIN have the choice to either revise their submission and submit a plan that is balanced or submit a Hospital Improvement Plan (HIP). The HIP must outline the strategy for the hospital to return to a balanced budget.

The North East LHIN funds 25 hospitals. The first Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (HSAA) were signed in 2008 and covered fiscal years 2008-2010.

2008/2010 Signed Agreements

HAPS / H-SAA Resource Documents

Hospital Improvement Plan (HIP) Template