Long-Term Care Home Service Accountability Agreements (L-SAA)

It is a requirement of the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 that LHINs have a service accountability agreement in place with each health service provider that it funds. The current LSAAs will expire on March 31, 2018.

In order to facilitate the development of the next LSAA, which will come into effect on April 1, 2019, each Long-Term Care Home (LTCH) will be required to submit to the LHINs a planning document known as LAPS (LTC Accountability Planning Submission). The LAPS, together with the LSAA, form the basis of a planning, funding and performance management framework. This framework supports the province’s efforts to improve health system performance and provide high-quality, client-centered care.

The information available on this page should serve as a reference to the LAPS/LSAA process.

2019-22 LAPS / LSAA