North East LHIN’s health system planning and funding functions are now part of Ontario Health, a government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians continue to receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

Quarterly Review Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quarterly review?

It is an opportunity to complete a performance review and discuss other issues that could have an impact in the coming year, and how to reduce those impacts by preparing and getting advice from the Performance Advisor and Sub-Region leaders.

The review meeting enables a collaborative discussion about year-to-date and/or forecasted performance outcomes, as well as service trends, pressures, or needs. It is also an opportunity to discuss any other topics which may contribute to the achievement of our priorities and the effectiveness of the health system. Planning and performance meetings are typically scheduled after the HSP’s quarterly report has been reviewed. Meetings may take place in-person, or by video or teleconference.

What are the objectives of a review?

  • Discuss performance status (financial, performance indicators, service volumes)
  • Discuss operational pressures and trends
  • Discuss planning, funding, integration and accountability items
  • Validate surplus funding one time opportunities for in-year reallocation or recovery to support reinvestment in the health system

How does the HSP benefit from a review?

  • Helps to foster and develop strong working relationships
  • Discuss any operational pressures you are facing
  • Facilitate early identification and resolution of issues

What is the approach, and how long does it take?

Our staff will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for the meeting. We will send you a draft agenda template with a request for your agenda items. It is a collaborative approach, aimed to be meaningful for everyone involved. The meeting typically takes 1 hour.

What will the review cover?

During the review, we may ask you questions about expense allocations, service volumes, service costs or staffing levels. In most cases, our questions will be related to actual/forecasted data compared to approved budgets or quarterly trends. These questions will be sent in advance to help prepare you for the discussion. We are interested in understanding the realities of your operations and we want to hear about the challenges and successes you are experiencing. We also want to hear about your plans to mitigate any identified risks.

How do I (Health Service Provider) prepare?

  • Provide input to the Agenda.
  • Prepare for the agenda items. These items/questions will be sent in advance to help prepare the HSP for discussions.
  • Be aware of performance variances and be prepared to discuss the causes of any variances.
  • Be familiar with the terms of the Service Accountability Agreement and the Community Financial Policy as found here.
  • Call the Sub Region staff if you have questions or ideas in advance of the meeting.
  • Feel free to call/email after the meeting as well.
  • If the meeting is in-person, LHIN staff will typically come to your office. 

How often can I expect a review?   

Is it every quarter?  
No, the our staff focus on Q2 and Q4 reviews. You can typically expect to participate in a review approximately 1-2 times per year.

How am I notified?
You will usually be notified of an upcoming review by either an email or a phone call. Once the date/time, and meeting method (in-person/telephone/videoconference) are finalized then the meeting invitation will be issued.