IHSP Priorities

Further to the input of thousands of Northerners through many engagement efforts, the North East LHIN’s strategic plan for 2016-2019 is now complete.  Known as the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP), the plan is aligned with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patients First: Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care (Feb. 2015)This IHSP outlines three priorities to guide the work of the NE LHIN in its partnership work with fellow Northerners to strengthen the Northeastern Ontario health care system.  

In preparation for this important Northeastern Ontario strategic health care plan, the NE LHIN held more than 500 engagements with Northerners since 2013, including 43 IHSP-specific engagements; received more than 1,000 responses to a November 2014 survey Perceptions of Northeastern Ontario Health Care System; and reviewed more than 800 responses to a survey Validating Northeastern Ontario’s 2016-2019 Health Care Priorities.

Based on what we heard, the 2016-2019 priority areas to improve patient care and respond to the needs of Northerners are:

In addition, the LHIN will work with partners to focus on social determinants of health, such as transportation and housing, in addition to technology, and education, to move priorities forward.

Driving system quality and value, enhancing the patient experience, and improving population health while recognizing cultural diversity, particularly for Francophone & Aboriginal people will guide all NE LHIN work.

To read our Integrated Health Service Plan, 2016-2019, click here.

Our 2016-2019 IHSP Areas of Care under each priority include: