Enhance the Coordination of Care

Providing Northerners with as much care as they need and as much independence as they want

When 1,009 Northerners responded to a NE LHIN 2014 survey about what changes could be made to address their frustrations with the health care system, many people noted a need for greater coordination. Better coordination of care was further underscored in the 2015 NE LHIN priority validation survey where 98% of respondents supported enhanced coordination of care as a priority.

Improving a patient’s journey within the health care system means:
  • Better communication between providers.
  • Greater attention paid to the needs of patients as they transition from one part of the system to another.
  • More programs and services to support people in community or in their home of choice.
  • Focusing on palliative care early to improve the experience of the patient, family, and caregiver.
People living in Northeastern Ontario have been quite clear in NE LHIN engagements – they want to be cared for at home, with supports, for as long as possible and be cared for in an institution only when necessary.  

Supporting more patient-centred care across the health care continuum, from birth to death, is helping to ensure that Northerners are better able to navigate the system with services that are more coordinated, delivered in partnership, and integrated to ensure less duplication and fewer gaps in service.

Life or Limb Policy

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