Strengthen the Sustainability of the Health Care System

Northerners want a sustainable health care system

A sustainable Northeastern Ontario health care system is one that reflects a multi-level commitment to improving the lives of Northerners today and for generations to come. It is a system that is driven by what is right for patients and improving quality and efficient care while being financially responsible. It is a system that focuses on health, not just health care, and one that invests in keeping people healthy, out of hospital, and living with quality of life in community.  

The NE LHIN is taking steps to ensure Northeastern Ontario’s health care system is held accountable to deliver better results for patients, now and into the future. Improving the lives of Northerners includes:
  • Developing new models of care delivery such as Health Links and Health Hubs to make care more efficient and effective.
  • Utilizing technology to enhance access to sustainable quality care.
  • Developing partnerships to support the innovative delivery of services. 
  • Ensuring the delivery of financially sustainable and responsible care. 
  • Measuring results to determine what needs to be done to improve the patient experience. 
  • Ensuring patients and their families are treated as partners in care and are fully informed about their health decisions, and have access to the information they need.
  • Driving health system change and improvement, while focusing on patient needs.