Innovative Housing and Health Supports in the North East LHIN

Recognizing that housing is one of the determinants of health, the North East LHIN has worked with many partners -- including members of the North East LHIN’s Expert Panel on Housing, the Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association (NOSDA), the Housing Services Corporation, SHS Consulting,  and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Manitoulin-Sudbury -- to develop a first-ever housing strategy for Northeastern Ontario.

Read the: Innovative Housing with Health Supports in Northeastern Ontario Strategic Plan: 2016-2019

Why build a Housing Strategy for the North East?

  • The North East LHIN, in developing its current Integrated Health Service Plan, 2016-2019 (IHSP), heard from Northerners about the need for more housing support services to remain independent in their home communities. As a result, housing is named as a key enabler to improving population health in the LHIN’s IHSP. 
  • The strategy recognizes that housing is a complex community issue and that we all need to work together to meet the housing and health needs of Northerners. This includes all levels of government, the health care and social sectors, as well as private businesses.
  • In the North East there is a shortage of appropriate housing stock and the population of seniors and persons with low income is higher than the provincial average. The region also contains numerous small communities with aging populations and few options for people who wish to live in their own homes and remain in their own communities.
  • This strategy document is intended to act as a resource for partner organizations as they search for opportunities to improve access to housing for people in the North East Region.

Background of the Strategy:

The NE LHIN sponsored a forum entitled “Building for the Future” in October, 2015. This first-ever  forum on housing and health in Northeastern (NE) Ontario helped to foster partnerships, identify barriers and opportunities, and explore creative solutions to meet the future housing and health needs of NE Ontario communities.  As a result of the forum, there was a request for the NE LHIN to undertake additional work on the matters of housing and health.

The LHIN then put out a call and struck a North East LHIN Expert Panel on Housing made up of representatives from Francophone and First Nations people,  the region’s urban and rural communities, as well as those working in the  housing, health care, private, public, and economic development sectors.

The Expert Panel led a second housing forum in June 2016 which was attended by more than 100 participants, where the draft plan was further discussed and was circulated to community partners for comment and feedback. The final version of the housing strategy was received by the North East LHIN Board at its meeting of September 21, 2016.

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