Long-Term Care (LTC) in the North East LHIN

The NE LHIN funds 40 LTC homes across the region, which operate more than 4,900 licensed beds. The binding agreement between LTC home operators and the LHIN is a Long-term Care Service Accountability Agreement (LSAA).The LSAA defines services provided, licensed beds and includes performance measures and monitoring systems.

The MOHLTC has responsibility for LTC Home licensing and compliance, inspection and enforcement functions. It also sets legislative, regulatory and policy requirements and standards.

The NE LHIN has a LTC Regional Network which advises on LTC strategies and direction within the region.

  • Click here to see membership of the North East LTC Regional Network (2016)

Facts on LTC in Northeastern Ontario

  • 40 LTC Homes
  • 4,902 Licensed Beds
  • Of these licensed beds, 4,694 are Long Stay Beds; 44 are Short Stay Convalescent Care Beds within 4 LTC Homes; 29 are Respite Beds within 20 Homes
  • Convalescent Care allows for a resident in need of strengthening to participate in a program for up to 90 days with the goal of returning home to live. Respite care beds ensure that loved ones are cared for in a safe environment with 24 hour nursing care to provide relief for caregivers
  • 1 in 10 residents aged 75 and older live in long-term care
  • LTC homes are committed to providing quality care. Each home submits a Quality Improvement Plan annually to Health Quality Ontario
  • Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) is a NE LHIN funded resource. 14 LTC homes in the NE LHIN receive funding for a dedicated BSO team to provide support to residents in the home. Click here for more information on BSO

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