One Client One Plan (OCOP)

The One Client One Plan (OCOP) is a system partnership project bringing together the region’s 70 Home and Community Care providers, with core team members that include the Independence Centre and Network (ICAN), March of Dimes Canada, and the NE LHIN. Our vision is to deliver a consistent approach to care planning for clients with all providers within a client’s circle of care.

How will OCOP help you as a client?

As providers we’ve heard from clients such as yourself about difficulties finding Home and Community Care services, as well as having to tell your story more than once with repetitive assessments from different providers. We’ve also heard your concerns about a lack of communication between service providers delivering your care.

OCOP’s goals are to transform Home and Community Care services into one cohesive system to improve your experience. You, as a client, will be more informed of, and connected to service choices based on your identified needs.  You will tell your initial story once, and then add to it as your care needs change. All the providers in your circle of care will have access to your care plan and communicate any changes needed.

OCOP’s Objectives

How will we as service providers collaborate to transform Home and Community Care? We will …

  • Develop a single point of contact so that clients never have to hang up the phone and call someone else to get the care they need.
  • Develop a standard process to identify services so that providers are using the same tools to determine eligibility and connect clients to their care needs efficiently.
  • Remove duplication in Home & Community Care assessments by further sharing data among providers so that clients do not need to repeat their story.
  • Develop a standard approach to the coordination of services so that providers are communicating with each other and speaking the same language when coordinating the services each client needs.

Betty's Journey

Want to know more?

To contact the project team email or read up on our latest project communiques in the links below.