North East LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee

When people are actively involved in health care and partner on solutions to improve the local health care system, healthier people and communities are a natural end-result.

The North East LHIN’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee will work in partnership with the LHIN to help ensure local priorities and health system issues are addressed collaboratively with patients and their families. Committee members will play a key role in the LHIN’s work to build a stronger system of care for Northerners – one that is easier to navigate and more coordinated.

By working collaboratively, members of the Committee will help to shape the delivery of health care in the North East, and help ensure that the voices of patients, families and caregivers inform health care decision making.

Committee Members

  • Alan Elliott, Echo Bay
  • Alexandra Sirois, Chelmsford
  • Brenda Lediett, Blind River
  • Charlotte Lavictoire, Earlton
  • Debbie Malo, Cochrane
  • Jennifer Vachon, Timmins
  • Jo-Anne McCool-Maki, Sudbury
  • Mary Murphy Foran, Elliot Lake
  • Patricia Griffiths, South River
  • Rebecca Geauvreau, North Bay
  • Rina Clark, Sault Ste. Marie
  • Robert Porter, Massey
  • Ronald Gervais, Sturgeon Falls
  • Susan Koppisch, Parry Sound
  • Sylvie Fontaine, Hearst
  • Vanessa Morris, Sudbury (Youth Advisory and Ex-Officio member)

Click here for backgrounder on members. 

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For more information, contact: Katerine Moyer, Communications Officer – Design, Patient and Internal, at, 705-840-2215.