North East LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee

When people are actively involved in managing their approach to health and wellness and work to partner on solutions to improve their local health care system, healthier people and communities are a natural end-result.

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee is an exciting new North East LHIN committee that will foster a stronger relationship between fellow Northerners and the LHIN, ensure better engagement and communication with patients, their friends and families, and lead to health system outcomes that better meet the needs of people living in Northeastern Ontario. By working collaboratively, members of the Committee will help to shape the delivery of health care in the North East, and help ensure that the voices of patients, families and caregivers in the region are heard and reflected in health care decision making.

Key Roles of the North East LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee:

  • Identify and advise on opportunities to incorporate the patient’s perspective in initiatives to better integrate care across the region and health care system.
  • Support effective patient engagement within the LHIN.
  • Provide advice on recommendations about health care service delivery improvements from the patient and/or family caregiver perspective.
  • Recommend strategies and practical ideas for improving patient care, and caregiver recognition and support.
  • Link and collaborate with other patient and family advisory groups within the LHIN and across the province.

Terms of Reference

Expanding patient engagement across the health care system is a key commitment in Ontario’s Patients First Act. LHINs are developing patient and family advisory committees to help ensure that local priorities and health system issues are addressed collaboratively with patients and their families.

For information on the provincial Patient and Family Advisory Council, please visit the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

For more information, contact: Katerine Moyer, Communications Project Coordinator at, 705-840-2215.