Quality Care in the North East LHIN

Quality is an integral part of the NE LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-2019.

For the NE LHIN, equity in health care means that everyone has access to the same high standard of care no matter where they live, what they earn, or what language they speak. The ultimate goal of aligning the NE LHIN quality agenda with the needs of Northerners is to create a culture of quality that enables improved patient outcomes and health care experience.

The NE LHIN is working to improve the overall health status of Northerners through work on quality initiatives with representatives from all LHIN-funded sectors, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Health Quality Ontario, Ontario Hospital Association, front-line providers, and patients and caregivers.

New!  Quality Improvement Capacity Survey

The North East LHIN is conducting an assessment of the current status of quality improvement (QI) capacity across the North East region. The purpose of this short survey is to evaluate the existing state of QI resources and capacity in your organization. Findings from this effort will inform initiatives to support stronger regional partnerships and improve quality of care for all Northerners.

This voluntary survey requires five minutes and should be completed electronically by the individual in your organization most responsible for QI.

To take the survey, click here.


Clinical Quality Lead

In May, 2016, Dr. Reena Dhatt, a family physician based in Sudbury, was been appointed to lead efforts to align the quality agenda, with improved patient outcomes. Dr. Dhatt has a dual reporting relationship to the Chief of Clinical Quality at HQO and the CEO of the NE LHIN.

North East Quality Matters Newsletter

To improve patient outcomes and health care experience, the North East LHIN wants you to be part of a North East quality network that is informed of best practices in quality health care. This newsletter, along with materials found on our website, will help keep you informed of NE LHIN and HQO efforts on this priority.

NE LHIN Regional Quality Table

Through the establishment of a Regional Quality Table, HQO and the NE LHIN are collaborating to advance clinical quality in a coordinated way that supports improvement to patient care. Dr. Dhatt will chair the NE LHIN Regional Quality Table.

The Regional Quality Table will focus on quality challenges and initiatives. It will align regional and provincial strategic directions and will play an instrumental role in implementing quality plans that drive both system improvements and patient’s health care experience. Click here for a list of Regional Quality Table members.

For information, please contact Jennifer Osesky, NE LHIN Quality Lead Officer, at jenn.osesky@lhins.on.ca or 705-910-0437.

Quality Improvement in Health Care

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